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H vs F series

H series are mainly H.264 encoding type compared to Motion JPEG for F series.
H.264 encoder can, without compromising image quality, reduce the size of a digital video file by more than 80% compared with the Motion JPEG format. This means that much less network bandwidth and storage space are required for a video file. Or seen another way, much higher video quality can be achieved for a given bit rate.
For heavy users who install several IP cameras we recommend H3-137V or H3-187V for good picture quality at low data rate.

Brief introduction of H series

Home user will probably consider H3-137V, H3-187V, H3-187V 960 or H3-V10D. All the H series come with micro SD card (Max. 64G Bytes) recording feature. Playback directly from PC without removing card from camera is possible.

Brief introduction of F series

These are popular series due to its lower cost. Encoding is Motion JPEG which is actually a series of 640x480 picture frames in JPEG format.

For stationary models, users can choose F-M161 or F-181A with quite similar features except for the distinctive square or egg shape look. For rotating models, users can choose F-M187 with similar features compared to F-M161 and F-181A. F2-M176 comes with micro SD card (Max. 32G Bytes) recording feature for users with this requirement. More details on this on the F2-M176 page.

Users who wish to record for F-series can choose to do so on PC.